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10 of The Best Quirky, Innovative and Cool Gifts

1. AutoExec Road master Mobile Desk


From comes the first mobile desk that fits into your car. Designed for mobile professionals with too much to do but such little office time. Includes printer, laptop charger, various filing compartments and an ergonomic desk top. In-Car Desk
RRP $300.00

2. Batman Break Light Mask

The Gotham themed accessory fits over your existing break light and is sure to stop the speeding villain behind you in his tracks. Batman Brake Light
RRP £20

3. Kurgo Back Seat Pet Barrier

Designed for backseat pets that like to investigate the front whilst you’re driving. Easily fitted to the headrests, this barrier ensures there are no accidents cause by your curious canine. Kurgo Pet Barrier
RRP £40

4. Snow Gecko Car Socks

For owners of cars that are inherently bad in snow, forget your worries. Gecko’s Snow Car Socks create extra friction between the tyre and snow, making driving more comfortable and controlled.
RRP £41.90 per pair

5. Fuloon Car Travel Inflatable Bed

This inflatable backseat bed is the perfect place for the long distance driver to stop for an urgent nap.
RRP £79.00

6. Grant Steering Wheels

Made from the finest of materials, Grant steering wheels are the perfect accessory for any classic or muscle car. Choose from an extensive range of styles to find your ideal wheel.
From £50 - £500

7. Customized Car Accessories – Truck & SUV Tent

If you’re an avid camper, but like the comfort of your car too much then this is the perfect product for you. This Truck & SUV accessory turns the back of your vehicle into a comfortable tent in an instant. Designed as an extension of your boot, the tent lining provides a comfortable environment at an affordable price!
RRP £150

8. Touchscreen Navigation Rear View Mirror

This clip on rear view mirror is also a media centre, hands free speaker phone and rear view camera screen. Ideal for those that spend their time flicking through maps and pulling over for phone calls.
RRP £269.99

9. Cruzin Cooler Refrigerator Scooter

Maybe a gadget you might not need, but cool nevertheless. This ride-on electric scooter houses a well refrigerated seat box capable of carrying 24 x 12oz soft-drinks. With a top speed of up to 13mph and a rider capacity of 250 lbs, this scooter is sure to quench your thirst for cruising cool!
RRP From - £350 to £850

10. Specialised Covers – Photo Cover

Our custom print tailored car cover mimics the actual car underneath, allowing you to see your beautiful vehicle whilst knowing its well protected with a Specialised Cover. This bespoke cover is available for any car, colour and style.
RRP – From £1,850