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Ferrari Race Day 2012 World record attempt Smashed

Douglas and Carole from Specialised Covers, attended both Saturday and Sunday of the 2012 Ferrari Race day.  The flash supercars, worth more than £100 million in total, are part of a world record parade of the iconic Italian carmaker.


Both Carole and Douglas said it was an amazing event with the world recorded being broken as 964 Ferraris travelled around the track at Silverstone.  Douglas was of cousre in his element with of least one make and model of ferrari from the last 40 years on the track.  Carole even took to hanging out the car window during the parade to get a better angle !!

Douglas's White 599 was one of only a handful of white Ferrari's at the event you can see him fly past at 3.36m !!



F1 ace Felipe Massa led the pack from behind the wheel of a black Ferrari 458 Spider.  Speaking after setting a new World Record, Felipe Massa said: 'It was a really unforgettable experience.

'It's a great honour for me to be here for such a special event, with so many cars all brought together on one race track, which produced an unprecedented spectacle for all Prancing Horse fans.'

There were a number of million-pound Ferrari Enzos in the convoy as well as the iconic Ferrari F40 - which are worth around £400,000 each.

In 2007, Ferrari managed to get 385 models onto Silverstone at a racing day to set a record.  But this was beaten the following year when the Ferrari Owners Club in Japan achieved 490 cars at the Fuji Speedway Circuit.  This was also the only motor racing event in the UK where Ferrari fans will see the FXX and 599xx development cars on track plus a wide range of historic Ferrari F1 Cars from the F1 Clienti department, together with a schedule of races from the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and the Ferrari Club Challenge

The event was also in aid of BEN the automotive industry charity and for every car which took part, Ferrari donated £5 to 'BEN'.