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20 reasons to ride a motorbike

If you can't wait to get on the open road, and believe that two wheels are certainly better than four, our list of '20 reasons to ride a motorbike' will no doubt resonate pretty strongly with you.

If you own a motorcyle, or are thinking of getting one this year, read on and see if you love the thrill just as much as we do... 

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1. Stopping when and wherever you want
2. The acceleration
3. Total immersion
4. Saving at the pump
5. Easy parking
6. High performance for less than £10,000
7. You look cool. And you know it.

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8. Easier, quicker commuting 
9. Escape and adventure 
10. Minimal impact on the environment 
11. The camaraderie
12. Leathers... appealing to the opposite (or same) sex
13.  Forget your problems 
14. You get closer to nature 

Bike blog

15. Spontaneity 
16. You can be adventurous in your senior years
17. There are owners clubs for almost all types of bikes
18. You learn to travel light - and love it
19. You can go where cars can't 
20. Epic stories... for years to come

Motorcycles are fun. You can't deny it! There will always be those who argue there's too much risk riding a motorbike, but driven properly they undeniably give you thrill, and a total sense of freedom. 

If we've missed any reasons above, leave a comment below and let us know! Is someone asked you, why would you say you ride a motorbike...?