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Electric car sales expected to rise - finally!

British Gas claims that the sales of electric cars are set for a huge boom across the UK, following research that expects London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Epsom and Brighton to embrace the philosophy of electric cars, as the cost of fuel continues to rise.

The data draws on Mosaic consumer classification data, Experian Green Segments insight and more. The survey discovered that approximately one in six residents in Stafford (approximately 36,000 people) will invest in an electric car.

The cause has been helped by mass in the area, which has seen a large number of eco-friendly homes being built – all with car charging facilities.

Cars such as the Renault FluenceZoeTwizy and Nissan Leaf should see a rise in registrations next year. Experts have also predicted that 10 per cent of all cars owned will be electric. If correct it means that more than 1million homes will own an electric car.

Dan Taylor, Director of New Ventures at British Gas comments: "Our new research shows that driving an electric car can fit into a wide variety of lifestyles, so it's no surprise to see a predicted rise in people embracing the technology and seeing the electric car as an increasingly viable option."

British Gas is also helping to make electric cars more accessible to the public by installing home charging points and offering specialist advice on how motorists can get the most out of their electric car.

Cars such as the new Renault Fluence, priced from £22,495, have already proved popular with the public. The zero-emission model has a range of 115 miles thanks to its powerful 94bhp motor.

The Fluence is a four-door saloon that can be charged from a standard 240v supply and is one of the most affordable cars on the market to maintain.