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5 cars to look out for in 2013

It may still be 2012, but it’s always good to have things to look forward to, right? Here at Specialised Covers we have been discussing the long list of new cars expected for the new year, and have hand picked 5 we think are worth looking out for.

The BMW M3 Performance

BMW can be a little frustrating at times. It’s as if, every time they bring out a new model, in what seems a few months later, they amend it again – but it appears like they’ve done a good job this time round.

The new M3, shown above, has to be good if it’s got any chance of competing with its predecessors. Although many expect BMW to down-grade the engine to a twin-turbo 3.5 litre V6, rather than the awesomely powerful V8, it’s assumed 450bhp will be available to wow M3 enthusiasts.

The Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender has retained its original shape and concept since birth, this is why people love it! It’s indestructible, reliable, simple, relatively cheap, available with 2, 5 or 7 seats, short or long wheelbase. It has ensured farmers and countryside residents remain safe and secure in this stable vehicle. But there’s a change on the way and it’s a big one.

The new Defender concept was unveiled a few months back, and this is apparently the new basic look for the new model, the only question is will those who fell in love with the initial design remain true to this British classic?

Honda Civic Type-R

Although Honda has been generous in releasing details of their latest Civic (above) they’re yet to replicate this with their anticipated Type-R model. Those lucky enough to have experienced the excitement of the Type-R in the past, will be desperate to know what engine the new model will have, however it’s been predicted to have a 210bhp, 2-litre turbocharged engine. Also Honda are remaining tight lipped, an announcement at the Paris Motor Show is likely.

Pagani Huayra

As beautiful as any car you’ll ever see. The Huayra is replacement to the astonishing Zonda, which certainly put Pagani on the map with its concept-like design and 600+bhp. This 700bhp machine, equipped with a twin-turbo V12 engine it’s not for the light-hearted and with a £700,000 price tag, the Huayra will won’t be on everyone’s shopping list.

The car is already being talked about as the ‘must-have’ supercar of 2013, but will it be as successful as the Zonda?

Audi RS4

The RS4, built on reliability, practicality, excellent styling and with a massive 400bhp V8, has continually begged the question, how can it be improved? In 2013 this long endured question will come to an end, as Audi release BMW M3’s nearest rival. Both Audi and BMW have dominated the sporty saloon market and with no near rivals, it looks as though these two German motoring giants will go head to head again next year.