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Nov 27, 2020
Oct 5, 2020

The days may still be warm and sunny, but make sure you're ready to protect your caravan, motorhome and horse box when the weather turns cooler. Don't wait for autumn when our lead time can increase to 6-8 weeks.  

Jul 29, 2020

As of the 26th May 2020 we will be returning a proportion of our production staff to start works on our own orders.  We have been producing PPE for the last few weeks, however this has now been completed and we can start to phase in staff to support a return to normal production.

We accessed and continue to use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for workers we have had to furlough which is currently around 55% of our team. Bringing back employees that can work, and doing so in the safest way possible is our focus for June

May 21, 2020

At Specialised Covers we are proud of our quality and high standards that we have in both the production of our products, the factory we operate from and the development of our staff. We are therefore thrilled to again have achieved our ISO 9001 accreditation in Dec 2019. We have been accredited since 1998 but this year was the first year we passed with not one non-conformance, not even a minor.

As a family business we are every evolving and growing, making mistakes and learning from them with many of the management team growing with us. This learning creates non-conformance and therefore helps us strengthen our processes and establish, better, more accountable and efficient practices. All of which leads to more efficient, accurate and sustainable production supply for our customers with the best service and product we can. This was due to many elements including a supportive and focused management team, hard work and the dedication to offer the service we would want to receive.

Apr 20, 2020

In line with the Prime Minister’s announcement, we will temporarily close our office and production facility with immediate effect until further notice.

Mar 25, 2020

Winter can create many problems for drivers, from those who have just passed their test to seasoned motorists. When you combine darkness, sub-zero temperatures, and heavy rain or snow, drivers are faced with conditions that are less than optimal. In fact, drivers are 20% more likely to be in a car accident during the winter months*. 

However, the risk of having these accidents can be drastically reduced by watching out for specific hazards and taking some simple precautions. 

Dec 2, 2019

At Specialised Covers we are striving to implement Industry 4.0 principles within the context of our customer’s growth strategy, Lectra provided us with a tailored software and equipment to support this objective. Watch the Video to find out how we worked with Lectra from the design stage right through to production.

Oct 24, 2019

World Mental Health Day 2019: Can caravanning help with mental health?

Oct 10, 2019

If you keep your car outdoors, the warmer, more sunny months can result in paint and even bodywork damage. Make sure to protect your vehicle from UV fade, tree sap, leaves and mess from birds this summer with our tailored, Stormshield + outdoor car covers.

And, until 31st July, you can enjoy £50 off our Stormshield +, tailored covers by simply using code STORMSHIELD50 when you check out. 

Jul 17, 2019

It's fantastic when our customers share their advice, handy hints, and reviews with the wider caravanning community. 

The Trudgians, the fabulous caravanning family, love to share their experiences with fellow caravanners, so it was great when Dan blogged about his tips for using his tailored Tow Pro + ...

Jul 4, 2019

It was a pleasure to attend the Supercars and Coffee event in aid of Leeds Mind, on Sunday 9th June.

Organised by Leeds Supercar Meet, the event was a fantastic day of supercars, bikes and raising money for a very well deserved cause.

Jun 18, 2019