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A bespoke Tow Pro Elite and one very happy customer!

When Mr Huw Williams came to us with a request for a towing protector, for a van we didn't have a pattern for, we stepped up to the challenge.

The outcome was a unique Tow Pro Elite and one very happy customer!

Specialised Covers: What product/s have you purchased from Specialised Covers, and what have you covered?
Mr Williams: Tow Pro Elite for my 2016 Vanmaster V640 TBEW caravan.

Specialised Covers: What was the main reason for your purchase?
Mr Williams: To protect the front of the caravan during towing.


Specialised Covers: Are you happy your Specialised Covers cover has performed as promised and done the job?
Mr Williams: The fit and finish of the cover has exceeded my expectations by a country mile. The protection afforded by the spongy material is superb.

Specialised Covers: Are you happy with how the product looks when in use?
Mr Williams: The cover looks amazing and far better than I was expecting.

Specialised Covers: Do you think Specialised Covers does anything particularly well, or that stands out for you?
Mr Williams: The service I received from the team was outstanding. I initially wanted a somewhat bespoke item for my caravan and was told that it would be difficult to comply with my request. I sent a note via the website to see if the customer service dept could help me. I was called By Gavin Hughes who was extremely helpful and said the template they had was out of date for the new Vanmaster vans so suggested that he were to send someone to make an accurate template for the new model. Whilst doing so would look at my request to have a cover that allowed the grab handles to poke through the cover to avoid the centre of the cover sagging. I was told that the cover would then not keep the caravan clean but I insisted it was purely for the protective qualities of the cover and not to worry about keeping the front of the caravan clean.


Specialised Covers: Any other comments?
Mr Williams: The neighbours at the caravan site I was staying at, to test my new caravan, were very impressed with the quality of both the fit and finish of the cover.

We'd thank you Mr Huw Williams for taking the time to review his new towing protector and sharing his fantastic photos with us. Customer feedback is always greatly appreciated. 

If you have a caravan, car, motorcycle, or infact any vehicle you need a cover for, and can't find it on our website, get in touch with our sales team. If we don't have a pattern, we'll do our very best to create one!

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