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Mr Robert Redding asked for our help in protecting his Buccaneer Caribbean Caravan whilst towing...and was delighted with the Tow Pro's we produced!

Specialised Covers: What products have you purchased from Specialised Covers and what have you covered?
Mr Redding: A Tow Pro Lite Universal Towing Cover and a Tow Pro Elite for our Buccaneer Caribbean Caravan.

Specialised Covers: Are you happy that your covers have performed as promised and done the job? 
Mr Redding: I've not used them much yet, but they look superb and undoubtedly protect the caravan during towing.

Specialised Covers: Do you like how the products look when in use?
Mr Redding: Absolutely! 

Specialised Covers: Do you think Specialised Covers does anything particularly well, or that stands out for you? 
Mr Redding: Outstanding friendly service at your premises. Cannot fault it!

Specialised Covers: Anything other comments? 
Mr Redding: Only one - very smart indeed! 

If you have a cover that you'd be happy for us to feature as a case study, please get in touch today! Or, if you'd like to visit our Trust Pilot pages and read more customer reviews, click here.