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Wrapping up for winter

The temperature has certainly dropped over the last few weeks, with frost and ice starting to appear.

It's official...winter is here brrrrr!

It's important to look after your vehicle during this season, even if - or especially if - it's not going to be in use. We know we need to winter check vehicles for the road; top up on de-icer, ensure lights are all working, check tyre treads, but parked and stored cars and bikes, also need protecting from the elements.

Paintwork and bodywork can all suffer at the hands of the weather, and even when stored indoors, cars and motorcycles can be accidentally damaged. Specialised Covers help offer protection from all these things. So, when you're ready to use your car or motorcycle again, it will be as good as new!

Whether you need indoor or outdoor protection, our covers are entirely tailored to your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit and not a 'one size fits all' solution.

Stormshield outdoor cover range

If your vehicle is kept outside, our Stormshield and Stormshield + covers offer short and long-term storage protection.

- Strong and durable
- Weatherproof against frost, snow, strong winds and UV rays
- Breathable
- Waterproof
- Scratch resistant
- Non-abrasive or fleecy lining
- Protection from tree sap and bird droppings
- Available in 4 colours, all customisable with your own colour pack

Outdoor cover

Prestige indoor cover range

Whether you choose our Prestige, Prestige + or our Prestige Elite cover, you're guaranteed excellent protection for your car or motorcycle, when it's not in use.

- Stretchy fabric
- A snug fit
- Dust protection
- Breathable, microfibre fabric
- Scratch protection and kind to paintwork
- Customisable with 15 colours to choose from, and a stripe or emblem pack

All our covers also come in handy storage bags.

Indoor cover

For more information on any of our covers, give us a call today. We're always on hand to offer expert advice, and advise on the best cover for your needs.