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A Premature Spring Clean: Specialised Covers changes its range of tailored car covers.

We’ve re-launched our car cover product line! Why? Well, because our customers asked us to. Your feedback told us that our product names were a little confusing and frankly, we agreed; so we put the kettle on.

After much deliberation, wielding of chewed Biros and coffee rings on enough paperwork to start our own line of interior design wallpaper; we came up with Stormshield and Prestige.

Nothing revolutionary, both of those products already existed, but now we’ve simplified it.

Stormshield will handle anything and everything outdoor: if the wind and rain is battering against your car, if you don’t have a garage or if your car looks like the bottom of a bird cage, you need a Stormshield car cover. This cover, previously known as Tempest, is our long-term outdoor storage cover.

When it comes to indoor storage, Prestige remains the undisputed champion of tailored, indoor car covers. This exquisite fabric offers an unrivalled fit and with an array of colour options, piping and custom artwork available, you can personalise your cover to create a truly unique design.

Stormshield Lite and Prestige Lite are more affordable, lightweight covers. The fabrics imitate many of the characteristics of their sister fabrics and although performance is reduced, their tailored fit makes them fantastic value and a much better investment than a semi-fit, bag in a box.