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A Specialised Cover: 35 years old and still going strong!

This month, we spoke to Mr. John Falder, a Specialised Covers customer, who bought two covers from us over three decades ago. We're delighted to say both covers are still in use and have quite clearly done a fantastic job!

Here John explains how we've helped keep his rare model A Ford in top condition...

"My grandfather owned one of these back in the mid-1930's and it was our first company car at HMG paints. Just prior to Golden Jubilee in 1979, we managed to find a model A Ford in poor condition. The car is a Manchester built (made in Trafford Park) 14.9 hp Ford model a Tudor sedan, and what makes it very unusual is the rear door conversion that was carried out in 1930. It can be considered as the ultimate forerunner of the modern hatchback! We subsequently restored it through 1979-1980 utilising all our own paints and materials.

Shortly after, in 1981, I purchased the car cover from Specialised Covers. The cover has been in constant use since, and the car has always lived under it! The cover has been been washed several times (probably 10 or 12 times) just in our normal household washing machine, and of course it is still doing a first-class job! So we are a more than a happy customer!

Back in the early 1980s you also made my cover for my Aston Martin V8 Series III 1973. That cover is also still in use and in fantastic condition. I've just ordered a new one from you which is thicker and slightly more padded. I have no doubt it will do as great a job and will last just as long!"

We're delighted to see such a rare car in such pristine condition. Obviously John takes great pride in his cars, and we love that we can help keep them that way.

John bought his covers the same year that Specialised Covers started trading. You can even see our old address and original company logo on the covers! DSC06192 It is a pleasure to know we've continued to provide a first class service and products of such quality, they last over 30 years. A big thank you to John for sharing his story. We'll be back in another 35 years to check up on the new cover!