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An In-depth Look: Embroidery

Here at Specialised Covers we offer you the opportunity of being able to customize your Prestige indoor car or motorbike cover. We have options for choosing the colours of the covers’ panels, for choosing the thread used for stitching, the finish of the fabric – either Matt or Metallic, as well as the choice of having your own graphics either printed or embroided on the cover, making a cover truly unique to you. In this article we will give a little more insight into the Embroidery we do at Specialised Covers and also talk briefly about the process and its limitations.

Embroidery in itself is an art. With the right machinery and professionally trained, experienced technicians this ‘art’ can be produced time and time again in high volumes and to a fine degree of accuracy. Before even a single stitch can be sewn the logo has to be converted from an image into a digital file format for the sewing machine to regonise – this process is called ‘Digitising’. Our most popular logos to date are the full colour ‘Shields’ of Ferrari and Porsche, however we also have on our database the files for other leading manufacturers such as:




Jaguar (Leaping Cat - 2009 upwards)

Jaguar (Face - 2009 upwards)



Rolls Royce (2009 & under)


See examples HERE. (Click on the image to Zoom in).

If you are interested in having an embroided logo sewn into your Prestige cover and the make of your car isn’t on our system, please call our Sales Team on 01943 864 646 to discuss whether embroidery is viable.

The positioning is typically placed up onto the bonnet of the car about 4 inches from the tip where the actual car logo is usually found. An embroidered logo can be a very time consuming task often limiting the size of how large we can actually go to. A full colour shield averages at 15cm in height and will take about an hour to complete with an average of 40-50,000 stitches. Logos with a smaller amount of detail and shading, such as the Audi ‘Rings’ and the Mercedes ‘Star’, we can stretch to an average sizing of 20-25cm without compromising the quality or appearance of the emblem.

With the centre panel of a car cover being so large, fitting the material onto the embroidery machine is difficult. To overcome this issue the design is rotated 180 degrees and stitched upside down before the whole cover is sewn together.

Most logos are constructed using a type of stitch known as a ‘Step and Satin’. The Step acts as a fill stitch and is used to shade in large areas. The Satin stitch is used for text, borders and shapes usually at a width of 8mm and under, anything larger is too widespread for the stitch to cover without ‘buckling’ occurring, an adverse effect we work extremely hard to eliminate.

Although we are able to embroider onto our Prestige indoor car and motorbike covers, unfortunately this option is unavailable for any outdoor covers; the simple reason being that each time the needle of the embroidery machine penetrates the outdoor fabric it punctures the waterproof membrane which compromises the waterproof protection of the cover and would cause leakage.

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