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Arash AF-10

The Farbound GT was a new breed of sports car. Inspired by Le Mans 24 hours race series; the GT was radical in concept and design, a true expression of aerodynamics and speed. Years later the Farbound GT and GTS acted as a catalyst for Arash Farbound to begin development of the Arash AF-10.

In 2011, the AF-10 is here. It’s an epic design with the same combination of aesthetic beauty and raw exhilaration that the Farbound GT boasted so confidently.

The AF-10 is powered by a 5.5ltr V10 that produces 850bhp. It will make it to 60mph in 3.5 seconds (tbc) and will keep going up to 205mph.

We’ve got very little information on how this car handles but seeing as the body is a 100% carbon construction with front splitter, rear diffuser and rear spoiler, we imagine it will be more than nimble.

Specialised Covers are the official car cover supplier to Arash.

“The AF-10 is stunning car. Our covers have been specifically tailored to fit the AF-10, preserving its elegant lines and contours and sustaining its condition.” Elliot Long – Specialised Covers, Managing Director

Prospective buyers can get behind the wheel of an AF-10 from £320,000. You can register your interest at: