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Art Cover Designer: Alice Learmonth

Alice Learmonth embarked upon the Art Cover project with the initial idea to replace aesthetically present pieces of the car with parts of a mechanics toolkit. This has toyed with the conventional design features of the car as we assume they are the regular components, yet there is a amalgamation of random objects. Featuring in the cover are hammers, tires and electrical wiring etc. From the offset, the cover looks almost like none of the car parts have been changed, yet upon further investigation we really see what the ingredients for this innovative cover are. 

Learmonth has used grey photographs of tools and car parts and replaced areas of them with bright colour. This adds a variety of colours to the art cover and makes the overall effect more appealing.

Learmonth has released her final design for the Art Cover project. The patterned design instills excitement and a natural curiosity into any viewer with its intricate details.

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