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Art Cover Designer: Amelia Robinson

Amelia Robinson's designs have evolved from her entry to the Surtex Design Competition. Her original focus centred around specific engine parts, these were hand drawn and the colours evoke the tones of degradation and rust on metal components.

Some of her reference imagery illustrates where her inspirations have come from for this particular piece.

Robinson's next design evolution came from a sustainability theme, combining her unique hand drawn style and taking inspiration from discarded objects and landfill. Whether it was her intention to make an inherently unpleasant eyesore into an aesthetically pleasing design is unclear; but Robinson's stylised hand drawings certainly make for a striking printed pattern.

Robinson admits that engine parts on tailored car covers could be seen as, "a bit obvious". Nevertheless, it's the conceptual idea of breaking down the components to really get under the skin of the machine: in other words, a cover, that uncovers.

We will be following Amelia Robinson's work throughout the project.

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