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Art Cover Designer: Emma Burton

Emma Burton's interior design work sold well at Premier Vision Paris. It's therefore not surprising that she has adopted a similar style for her Art Cover concept. Her striking patterns are usually reserved for interior wallpapers and furnishings. She noted on her blog, "I feel much more at home, designing for the home."

The project has a strong focus on offering a unique design to the individual consumer; Burton has clearly identified with this theme. Each Emma Burton cover will have it's own hand drawn illustrations of the car that lies beneath it.

"...I wanted to come up with a simple design that reflected my design style"

She added: "These drawings form the start of my development of a pattern; simple yet detailed. I endeavor to manipulate them through the use of colour, and create a multidirectional print that would be suitable for a car cover."

We will be following Emma Burton's work throughout the project.

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