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Art Cover Designer: Fergus Dowling

Fergus has created his designs with inspiration from heraldry and crests and imposes a variety of shields with draping ribbons onto his work. “His designs are ideal for older vintage cars” says Adam Irwin (Marketing Manager). His range of designs draw upon the theme of chivalry and employs various different animals to add to the overall appeal. Such as the typical heraldic lion which is featured on many existing crests.


An element of Fergus’ designs is that the crests will be patterned across the car cover which allows people to see his fantastic designs wherever they may be stood. On one end of the spectrum the designs utilise old fashioned elements but because they are patterned and this creates a refreshing contrast between old and new. Fergus used inspiration from his favourite songs for items to include in the crest.

Designer car covers coming soon to buy! Register your interest by emailing your name and a contact telephone number to:

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