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Art Cover Designer: Frankie Jones

Frankie Jones isn't the only person to use car internals as her inspiration for a car cover, but her approach to this theme is quite unique. As apposed to illustrating car parts and internals, Jones has taken photos.

" I began the project by focusing on the engine and parts of the car that you don’t see. "

"...the idea of the internal on the external”

The photos are digitally enhanced. Jones explained that because the car parts looked ugly, it was necessary to add filters and effects to the image in order to make the final design more aesthetically pleasing.


Jones has chosen to pattern the design and make repeats. Understandably a single image, if enlarged to cover the entire car, would be difficult to comprehend. Jones has to dissect the photo and use a drawing tool to make the pattern tessellate.

We will be following Frankie Jones' work throughout the project.

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