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Art Cover Designer: Joanna Wood

Joanna Wood wanted her design to evoke the motor oil and engine grease found inside cars. This theme should resonate strongly with motoring enthusiasts who spend their weekends under the bonnet of their pride and joy. Wood also wanted the design to offer a suggestion of speed. This is a nice contrast; oil ensures smooth movement, but the fun in driving enthusiastically is found in speed. The distortion of patterns found in the oil echo the warped effect seen in Hollywood films to illustrate high speed movement.

Wood started by sketching the shapes and patterns found in oil spills. She noted the mapping of certain colours  gathering in specific areas.

To get an authentic oil effect, Wood has used oil based inks which she then spread and moved to recreate the more erratic collisions of colour found in oil.

"I love the effects I got from the photos and the clashing bright colours. I want to experiment further with getting the shape and the way the oil pools to fit within the sections of the patterns used to build the car cover."

We will be following Joanna Wood's work throughout the project.

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