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Art Cover Project: Final Selection

It's official, 3 entries have been selected by Specialised Covers as part of the Art Cover Designer Project.

The 3 selected artists are as follows; Stephanie-Rose Turner, Emma Burton and last but not least Bryony-Rose Atkinson. Each have been selected for their unique take on the requirements for the project and have entered art that reflects not only very personal influences, but their artistic capabilities.

Stephanie-Rose Turner's work was chosen for it's raw perspective and visual representation of speed. Turner's work is a modestly masculine piece which has derived from natural forms such as floral influences.

Emma Burton's work is known as the 'Pyjama Cover' here at Specialised Covers and is very commercially viable. The cover can be customised to show patterned images of customers cars and can be produced in several different colours, without demolishing Burton's design.

Bryony-Rose Atkinson's art cover entry was difficult to overlook due to its high impact and immediately attention grabbing designs. Her aesthetically pleasing designs and bright floral patterns attract those that are not typically attracted to feminine designs.

Overall Specialised Cover's have been instilled with excitement in terms of seeing what the future might hold for working alongside innovative artists. We are grateful for all entries and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of work received.  The 3 chosen covers will be manufactured and presented at the end of year show on the 15th June in the University lecture theatre.  The final decision took much deliberation and was a difficult one at best. Once again, thankyou to those who entered and we look forward to what the future might hold.

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