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Many of you will have been watching the BBC2 show, Caravanner of the Year, in which members of the public are pitched against each other in a competition to become the 'caravanner of the year', by taking part in various challenges including; speed pitching and manoeuvring. We were delighted (and rather excited!) to see Specialised Covers customer, David Bird and his mum, feature on the show - and do remarkably well we might add! After applying for the show in the summer of 2015, David had the call from one of the judges a few weeks later to say he'd made it through! David, who towed his caravan to and from the competition sites in Stamford using his Tow Pro Elite, got through to the semi-finals after coming first in the speed challenge. Unfortunately, after several difficult manoeuvring tasks including his mum - who hasn't towed in 16 years - having to reverse around bales of hay, and David having to drive tightly in a figure of 8 pattern in his large caravan, they didn't make it through to the final - but what a brilliant effort. They did so well that they have since been on the ONE Show, featured on Gogglebox and even trended on Twitter. Three times! After catching up with David about the show, he was more than happy to share his thoughts on his Specialised Covers Tow Pro Elite. It was great to hear such positive feedback from someone who clearly loves caravanning! Specialised Covers: What was the main reason for your purchase? David: To protect the front panel and windows of the caravan from damage whilst towing. Specialised Covers: Are you happy your Specialised Covers cover has performed as promised? David: The cover have performed brilliantly, the fit is perfect. The zipped window access is a brilliant feature for quick overnight stops. Use the locker box access feature more than expected. Specialised Covers: Are you happy with how the product looks when in use? David: The cover looks really smart when in use, like the padded look from the thick foam Body Armour. The tailored fit leaves no gaps and the cover is easy to fit single handed. I like the black and grey colours as it goes well with the caravan’s graphics.  Specialised Covers: Do you think Specialised Covers does anything particularly well, or that stands out for you? David: I bought the cover at the February NEC show. Gavin had great knowledge of the caravan I have and was able to advise how the cover would fit with a small flap that goes behind the panel above the front window. We were given time to choose which cover to buy. Delivery was prompt and well packaged. Arrived in time to a long trip to Sussex. It was a pleasure to buy a quality product. Specialised Covers: Do you have any other comments? David: People appear genuinely interested in the cover when we are site, the lack of fiddly straps, clean lines, quality material and superb fit and finish show through. Compared to some cheaper covers, the Tow Pro Elite does not detract from the overall design and looks of the caravan. To watch the show and see David in action, you can catch up on the BBC iPlayer here. And, if you would like to know more about the Tow Pro Eilte featured in show just click here, or simply call one of our team for more information. We'd like to thank you David for sharing his photos and experiences, it was a pleasure to catch up!