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Aston Martin Zagato Car Covers

I get it, I really do. If you were to buy an Armani Suit, you pay a price for the Armani name. If you buy an Audi A3, you pay more for the Audi rings on a car that is essentially a VW Golf.

Aston Martin clearly feel that the design house, Zagato, can also add huge amounts of value, to what is essentially a V12 Vantage.

The V12 Zagato will set you back £330,000. There are plenty of cars in that price bracket. There are plenty of cars that cost a great deal more, but in those cases you actually get more car; with the Zagato you get a V12 Vantage with a bigger grill and a price tag that’s £239,000 heavier.

That said, I can see a place in the supercar market for the Zagato, and it’s all thanks to Wayne Rooney. Well, most footballers actually.

You see, people who can afford a £300,000 vehicle can be forgiven for not wanting to own a ‘footballer’s car’. Footballers have numerous unfortunate stigma attached to them, to which few people wish to associate themselves. Therefore, we have the Zagato. You don’t buy it because it’s a better car than a V12 Vantage, you buy it because a superb Italian design house has developed it and only someone who cares about cars and the Aston Martin marque would appreciate such a pedigree.

I bet Rowan Atkinson would want one.

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