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Automotive industry is doing its bit to safeguard jobs

Specialised Covers are passionate about promoting UK manufacture and providing employment in the local area. In this time of austerity and public sector funding cuts, the private sector is expected to provide a ray of hope in the gloomy economic climate.

BMW has announced that it will invest £500m into its UK factories, in turn safeguarding over 5,000 jobs. The news came just a day after Nissan announced that it would be safeguarding around 6,000 jobs following a £192m investment in their UK facilities.

According to BBC News Business, BMW Group’s exports account for about 1% of all goods exported from the UK and the automotive sector employs almost 300,000 people in manufacturing.

Investments from large organisations like BMW and Nissan will be welcomed by a coalition government that is gambling the foundations of its economic policy on the private sector taking the strain under cuts in the public sector. If more companies follow suite, not just in the automotive industry, David Cameron might just complete the Canadian model he set out to emulate.