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Bailey Caravans - Australia

Bailey of Bristol have over 60 years experience in designing and producing caravans and is the UK's number one caravan brand. For the last five years, Bailey have been retailing caravans in Australia through a local distributor and their 'vans have been garnering quite a following in the land down under. They are now setting up their own network of outlets for the popular Pursuit, Pegasus GT65 and Unicorn ranges, with a head office in Melbourne and retail showrooms in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania coming soon. To promote the brand and put the caravans through their paces, proving to the Australian market that the Baileys are more of a match for the heavier, home grown 'vans, Bailey have just successfully completed a grueling 850 mile off road journey across the Outback with a Unicorn II Cartagena and and a Pegasus GT 65. Bailey recognised from the offset that the Australian terrain is a little more unforgiving than here in the UK. Dirt roads strewn with rocks and red dust make for a very dirty, battered caravan indeed. So when they realised that the front of the 'vans were going to need a little extra protection, they came to us. Every Bailey caravan sold in Australia comes with one of our TowPro Elite front towing covers as standard and the two Alu-Tech 'vans that have just completed the Outback test were equipped with the best towing cover money can buy. Here's the video of their 850 mile Outback journey, featuring not only the Bailey Unicorn and Pegasus GT 65 but some stunning scenery and of course, our lovely TowPro Elite.