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Bailey Tow Pro Elite completes 850-mile towing challenge

Specialised Covers have been working with Bailey Australia for over a year now and we are thrilled to see our Tow Pro Elite being put through its paces in one of the harshest environments on the planet with an 850 mile off road challenge.  The Tow Pro Elite was developed for the harsh Australian environment and provides the ultimate protection for your caravan using our exclusive Body Armour™ material. This is illustrated with Bailey Australia's objective to take a Unicorn Series II Cartagena and a Pegasus GT65 Verona on a journey north of Adelaide into the centre of the country as far as the Flinders Mountain Ranges, taking in some of the country’s most spectacular scenery on the way. To reach this destination the caravans would be travelling on a mixture of bitumen, gravel, dirt and corrugated roads, thus providing all vehicles involved with  an extremely severe structural examination. Bailey Tow Pro Elite The Tow Pro Elite now come as standard with all Bailey caravans purchased in Australia and gives the already durable Alu Tech caravans the extra layer of protection the Australian climate requires. 
During the five day trip the Unicorn and Pegasus GT65 stood up to everything the Australian Outback could throw at them and safely negotiated all of the obstacles put in their path. The enhanced protection provided by the Alu-Tech bodyshell and Tow Pro Elite meant both caravans managed to complete this marathon of endurance almost totally unscathed and in doing so demonstrated that they could hold their own against their heavier Australian-made rivals in even the toughest conditions. We’re so proud of this product and the attention to detail of this design, it is truly the ultimate when it comes to protecting your caravan in transit.  If you would like more details on the Tow Pro Elite please call our sales team on 01943 864646 or click here and we will be more than happy to help. Please click here to read the full story from Bailey or from Caravan Times