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Better late than never. The Aston Martin Virage.

The Aston Martin Virage sits between the elegant DB9 and the striking the DBS, which begs the question, what is it for?

Well, the DB9 is a gentleman’s sports car; something for the weekend and the DBS is a fantastic long distance cruiser. The new Virage is a bit rougher round the edges, not in a slap dash approach (this is Aston Martin after all) rather it’s more aggressive in every way.

It has sharper looks for a start. Although the chassis is aluminium like the other two Astons, the Virage has a harder ride thanks to some adaptive damper software thingy; in English a harder ride also makes the car much more planted. Oh and don’t try and throw the Rapide in the mix because it has four doors, the Virage has two. Are you still with us?

Price and power nestles the Virage between the DB9 and DBS. The Virage has a 6.0 litre V12 engine that produces 490bhp and to see one in your driveway will set you back around £150k.

The question is, which do you buy? Well Aston Martin might be victims of their own engineering and design brilliance because the Virage is an epic car, it might make both the DB9 and DBS rather redundant…but we’ve been wrong before. Once. It was a Tuesday.

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