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BMW 3 Series Tailored Car Covers

Welcome to Specialised Covers.

If you are looking for a market-leading BMW 3 Series car cover then look no further. All our car covers are fully tailored and made to order, meaning each cover we sell has been custom made to our customer's liking and has been cut from our uniquely designed patterns created exclusively by our in-house designers for Specialised Covers. The fabric is then stitched by our highly experienced machinists within our own UK based Factory.

Whether you are fortunate enough to own the latest BMW 3 Series or whether you still enjoy an older retro BMW 3 Series, we have the pattern for your car. We have been making tailor fitted car covers for over 30 years and were the original car cover manufacturer. Since then our competition has grown exponentially, yet we still stay true to our fine tailoring values of good craftsmanship and excellent quality materials. Today, we are as strong as ever and going from strength to strength, supplying many of the motor industry's leading car manufacturers and F1 teams.

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Our Fabrics

We specialise in producing both Indoor and Outdoor car covers and have a wide range of covers to suit any purpose or preference. Below is a brief overview of each of our fabrics used for our covers. For more information about each of the products simply click on the orange links to view the product page.

Our most advanced outdoor car cover fabric. In short, the Elite car cover offers the same all weather protection as our bestselling Tempest fabric but with the look of our fully tailored indoor car covers. Treated with UV stabilisers and Teflon, this fabric is manufactured to be 100% Waterproof and Breathable, yet be durable enough to withstand UV exposure from sunlight. The thick and stretchy nature of the fabric allows for a paint-hugging tailored fit, accentuating the curves of your car. Ideal for short-medium term outdoor storage. view product

Prestige is made from luxurious and tightly woven cotton and is noticeably thicker in comparison to the Premier Lite fabric. All Prestige car covers can be fully customised with our range of options – from choosing your combination of side and top panels, to piping, stitching and printed or embroided graphics. The fabric comes in 2 finishes, matt and metallic, with a soft fleecy inner to ensure your car looks as good as ever. If you’re a proud owner and take great pleasure from preserving your car then this is the cover for you. view product

If you require your car to be covered for extended periods of time and through all seasons, or you just simply want the best and most functional car cover on the market then look no further. Tempest is our bestselling car cover over the past 30 years and is proven to be the most durable outdoor car cover out there. Unlike the Storm Shield cover, Tempest can be individually configured with a choice of colour options and custom graphics. The thicker fabric has a soft non-abrasive inner to protect the paintwork. Ideal for long-term storage. view product

A lightweight yet durable indoor car cover. Audi use this fabric for all of their indoor car covers within their accessories range Worldwide. The fabric is made with a stretchy microfiber that gives the cover incredible elasticity, allowing for a perfect tailored fit. The soft fleecy inside gives added peace of mind that your car’s paintwork will remain immaculate and well protected. Covers come in 4 standardised colour schemes. A simplified, affordable, car cover solution with the same high quality tailoring of our premium products. view product

Our most basic of outdoor car covers, Storm Shield still offers the same 100% Waterproof protection as our more expensive products, the fabric is breathable, has a non-abrasive backing which won’t cause any damage whatsoever to the car’s bodywork. These covers are extremely light in weight and functional. They are manufactured from the same tailored patterns used for our other covers which helps give a better fit, thus reducing flapping in high winds. Incredible value and performance. Ideal for medium-term storage. view product