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Homage to the BMW 328…but we just don’t know what to think.

BMW have launched this concept car as a homage to the 1930’s 328, a car that to this day still holds the average speed record on the Mille Miglia circuit.

However, the jury is out on this one. Are we being boring or does this car look too weird to be a cool concept? While the profile of the car is elegant and the front is pleasantly aggressive, we don’t understand the leather straps or the headlights that make the car look like it should belong to Wolverine (ignore that analogy if you’re over 35). The wheels are wacky, but garishly ugly, the massive grill tries awfully hard to replicate the 328 but looks more like the rabbit teeth grill from a Jaguar S-Type.

There was an M1 anniversary car and that looked awesome, but this…? We don’t know what we think of it and for that reason we don’t like it. At least we don’t like the front, search for this in your favourite search engine and look at the back of the Hommage 328 because the back of this car is stunning, what a shame.

Write your comments on our Facebook page. Is this a true homage to the BMW 328 or just an ugly concept car?

We probably wont make a car cover for the 328 Hommage (yep that’s how they’re spelling it) especially not after this post. We do however tailor indoor and outdoor car covers for a huge list of BMW models. Our new Sky Shell fabric is a lightweight outdoor cover that packs small enough to fit in the boot of a Z4.