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BMW 1M Coupe, marketing gimmick or a real ‘M’ car?

A 1-Series Coupe brandishing the sought after and highly regarded ‘M’ badge was an enticing prospect, especially when it looked the part, but for 40k it would need more than a badge and some flared wheel arches to impress.

Let’s start with the obvious. The car is rear wheel drive and the ride is hard thanks to some bits and bobs borrowed from the M3. Unlike other M cars, the engine isn’t bespoke, rather it’s the same twin turbo 3.0litre found in the Z4, this means 340bhp and 62mph arrives in just 4.9 seconds.

The interior is always a safe bet in the BMW. There are nice touches, such as ‘M coloured’ stitching on the wheel, seats and dash and the ‘M’ badge is thrown on every surface possible to remind you that this isn’t your standard BMW.

In summary then, the BMW 1M Coupe is a fantastic car for the driving enthusiasts among us. If you’re a business bod looking for your new executive mobile, this isn’t for you, the motorway miles on British roads will leave you needing a spine replacement. If however, you love to drive and drive quickly, the 1M will not disappoint.

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