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Caravan Christmas gift ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, it can only mean one thing… the big fella will soon be squeezing himself down an uncomfortable number of chimneys. But before he boards his sleigh and tackles the night with Rudolf, did you remember to send him your wish list? Well, for all your caravan lovers who can’t quite pinpoint your ideal gift this Christmas, take a look at Specialised Covers ultimate caravan Christmas gift guide.

Towing and manoeuvring courses

Do you lack confidence and experience when towing your caravan? Do you often pass the task of towing onto your loved one or a friend? Whether it’s yourself or someone close, why not consider investing in a towing and manoeuvring course. Towing can be a daunting prospect, that’s why the Camping and Caravan Club have introduced one-day caravan and motorhome courses for £105.

Caravan show tickets

Why not ask Santa for tickets to just one of the many caravan shows that flood Britain every year? These shows are great for caravan enthusiasts on every level; whether you’re an experienced caravanner, a caravanner looking for some inspiration or just generally interested to see what the fuss is about surrounding caravans, then they’re a perfect day out for all the family. The first show of the year is the Scottish Caravan show.

Caravan cover

Whether you’re looking to add a caravan cover to your own wish list, or if it’s given you inspiration for a loved one – Specialised Covers believe the lucky recipient will remember this Christmas for years to come! Caravan covers provide maximum protection, helping to fight off the effects Mother Nature decides to throw at it; all a while keeping your caravan clean. All in all, a worthwhile investment!

Collapsible kettle


Ok, caravans can be cramped but surely they’re not cramped enough to merit a collapsible kettle!? This gift is likely to be pushed to one side or tucked under that equally useless knitted Christmas jumper. But it’s Christmas afterall and what better way to enjoy the Christmas festivities than compare these novelty gifts?!