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Caravan Club National Rally 2013

Specialised Covers attended its second Caravan Club national rally this year which was held in the beautiful grounds of Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire.  Myself (katie) and my husband decided that we would attend the show this year as we were interested to see what it was all about.  This was my first time towing the caravan on the motorway and exhibiting outside so we were rather apprehensive about the whole thing. We arrived at Belvoir Castle around 4.00pm on Thursday to a very strange combination of weather, a mix between sun, gail force winds and hail !!  We were escorted to our stand area immediately and shown where every thing was that we would need for our stay.  All the ground staff that we meet were really helpful and i think took pity on us as we clearly had no idea what we were doing.  We then started to set up our stand but due to the afore mentioned weather it was turning out to be a bit tricky!!  Once we had built the marquee it lasted approximately an 3hrs before the wind took it and snapped the frame work !!! to say I was not please is an understatement, we were also now soaking wet. In summary we now had no marquee, no clothes left and had forgotten the gas bottle for the caravan so we had no heating.  We had decided to pack up and go home on the Friday as the rain and gales never stopped but when we called back to Specialised with an update we were instructed (guilted into) staying at the show, with the promise from the forecasters that conditions would improve. After swimming through pools of mud and with new instructions to stay put now in place we headed to the nearest town to buy more clothes, a marquee, heater and warm food.  This completed we headed back to the caravan to hide under the duvet and hope we would survived the night !!! As promised the Saturday was beautiful with wall to wall sunshine, and with our newly purchased stand set up we were ready for the weekend.  We had a great response from both new and existing customers and were surprised by how many people had braved the elements to come to the show.   To see more pictures from the show click here We are hoping to attend the 2014 rally at Arley Hall in Cheshire as long as we buy a sturdy marquee and the weather plays nice.  We hope you all enjoyed your time at the show and that next year is even bigger.