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  Our friends at Caravan Times have been at filming at our Shipley headquarters again. This time they've put in a full day with us and filmed three videos to demonstrate to their readers what we do here at Specialised Covers. The first thing they wanted to do was see how we made a fully tailored caravan cover. Our Production Manager, Paul, took them on a tour of our facility and talked them through each step from taking the initial order to seeing the finished cover out of the door following a rigorous Q.C. check. They raised lots of questions about how and why we do things and the result is a very informative peek behind the scenes of our business.     Whilst on the tour of the factory they were quite taken with our new digital cutting machine. It's a relatively new investment for us and an exciting development. The patterns we have on file have always been hard copies kept in a box in our library but since we bought the digital cutter, our design team have been painstakingly going through the process of digitising the patterns so they can be cut on our shiny new baby. There are literally thousands of patterns and transferring them has been an arduous task but we're nearly there now. You can see how the new table precision cuts some of our covers in the video below.     And finally, the fun part. Caravan Times have often heard from their readers that caravan covers can be hard to fit and take a long time to put on so in the interests of their readership, they challenged us to demonstrate how eay or difficult it actually is to get your tailored cover over your caravan. We fielded 2 teams and faced them off against each other to see how the experts did it and then how the novices compared. Our shop floor boys put these covers on many times a year and know all the intricacies of making the job as easy as possible so to use them alone for the demonstration would not have been a fair representation for the Caravan Times readers. We decided that our Production Manager and one of the Directors would have a go too, just to make things fair.   We hope you enjoy watching these short films as much as we enjoyed making them. We are immensely proud of what we do and love to share things with our customers, let us know what you think. You can see these and many more on our YouTube channel Specialised Covers