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Choosing the right caravan and accessories

When you’re looking to buy a new caravan, if might be worth forgetting about an old, boxy shaped caravan, these will often increase fuel consumption and even compromise stability. If it fits your budget, it’s worth investing in a modern streamline caravan, these have much improved aerodynamics, which can be cost-efficient in the long run.

What size caravan would suit me best?

There isn’t really a rule when it comes to sizing. A small caravan packed right down with all its kit could be heavier than a larger, possibly older, caravan. It makes sense to tow the shortest, lightest caravan that suits your needs. Consider buying a smaller caravan and invest in an awning, you’ll still have enough space and you could buy a 4 metre awning for considerably less money than a subsequent caravan.

If you’re looking to purchases a longer, wider caravan, it’s worth considering the maximum length of a caravan (towed) on British roads is 7 metres, the maximum width is 2.3 metres. If you’re looking to take your longer caravan abroad, this will also affect ferry charges and with certain countries, such as Switzerland implementing restrictions on caravans due to mountains, you seriously need to weigh up the need for a longer caravan.

How many berths?

You need to establish how many berths are needed. This is straightforward. Just decide on how many people will travel within your caravan, consider potential relatives and friends you might take too. But remember with the addition of an awning you can sleep those additions under there, so avoid purchasing a larger caravan for the sake of it.

You need to be savvy on beds too. What’s going to work for you best? There’s options that allow beds to double as seating during the day, but there’s fixed beds too, which allows for them to be permanently made. Bunk beds are great savers of space too and kids love them!

Kitchen and shower

This will be all down to personal preference, but it’s worth checking before you purchase your next caravan. Check the kitchen area for space, can others pass without knocking into the cook? Do all the doors open freely without any interference with the kitchen? The kitchen in a caravan is usually the focal point, so it’s vital you’re happy with the layout.

Kitchens towards the rear can balance worse, but with a little consideration when loading, paying particular attention to nose weight, you should be fine. Corner kitchens offer loads of work surfaces and allow more space in the living area. Side kitchens are however the most popular, but they can cause issues with people getting to the bathroom if it’s opposite the sink.


Caravan cover

If you’re serious about your caravan, it’s vital to understand the importance a cover can bring to your investment. A tailored cover can help fight the detrimental effects that would often contribute towards the depreciation of your caravan. A cover will help fight frost, bird droppings, tree sap, factors that once exposed to your caravan can be difficult to remove and potentially damaging to your caravan, which in turn will lower its’ value. A cover is perfect for winter storage and key for keeping those intruders out.


You’ll want to invest in a ground sheet, particularly if you’re looking to install an awning to your caravan. It will ensure your time in the awning is dry, whilst it helps keep the dew at bay.

Levelling ramps

These are essential when hitching your caravan on sloping pitches and they’re usually grooved, ensuring your tyres get good grip.