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Concept caravan by Knaus

Caravisio is a concept caravan designed by German motorhome manufacturer Knaus Tabbert that was revealed on August 30. Faced with a declining industry, the firm decided to design a concept that would inspire a future generation of RVs. Though currently not reproducible en masse, Caravisio raises the bar for recreational vehicles both aesthetically and functionally. Most notable is the integration of a central control panel through a system of apps. The caravan is aerodynamically designed with the towing vehicle in mind, and features a layout inspired by luxury yachts, designed for multi-functionality. Caravisio may be an RV of the future, but it also draws on the roots of why people love to vacation with caravans: closeness to nature. The open rear terrace allows for comfortable proximity to the outdoors, and a large sunroof breaks down the indoor-outdoor barrier even while on the go. One of the more on-trend features is the inclusion of an app system that allows central control of essential elements. For example, the entire caravan can be lowered to the ground by a single touch, enabling barrier-free access. Similarly, all of the doors and hatches can be locked with one swipe of a finger. We will be keeping an eye on this design hoping it comes to market as we are sure the owners will want a tailored storage cover from Specialised Covers