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Coventry Car Day

There is nothing quite as beautiful or exciting as spending the day celebrating the best cars from both the past and present. And this is exactly what will happen this Saturday the 9th June when Coventry will be rejoicing its motor heritage. The day has been organised by Coventry University and will take place at University Square.

Through out the day petrol-heads will have plenty of opportunity to come close to some of the world’s finest motors and attend car-orientated events, including:

A lecture by the former chief of Jaguar and Ford and now the current president of Coventry Transport Museum Sir Nick Scheele. Sir Scheele will be covering the changing role of the British motor industry and draw on his own inspiring experiences in the Great British car industry.

There will also be a car themed question time run by Steve Cropley, the editor in chief of Autocar magazine. This gives you a great opportunity to discuss your thoughts concerning the current car industry and ask questions to some of today’s most impressive automotive industry personalities.
Just to name some of the luminaries that will sit on the panel; Sir John Egan the former Chief Executive of Jaguar and Richard Seymor the famous design guru at Seymourpowell.

And last but not least, a motor-show will kick-off with some of the finest cars in the world. The cars includes both blasts from the past and newbies such as; Ferrari, Land Rover, Lamborghini. And not to forget some of Coventry’s finest; Alvis, Humber and Jaguar. To finish the show of the all-new Peugeot 208 hatchback, which only just have been unveiled three months ago, will be on show.

The Coventry Car Day is a great opportunity to catch some motor celebrities, see some lavish cars and have a fun day out. So are you heading to Coventry for a car crazy day? If so, please let us know how it went.