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Customise your tailored cover with a logo

Did you know that you can have your vehicle's brand marque or a custom logo, on your cover?

Our tailored Prestige + covers are available with the option of your vehicle's brand logo in a white or full-colour print on the bonnet. You can even choose a detailed embroidered logo, for extra elegance.

Adding distinction to your cover, logos can add that extra wow factor and make you stand out from the crowd.

Embroidered logos

And it doesn't stop at the manufacturer marque, either. You may have a family crest, a club or group name, or completely custom design that you would like to see on your cover; and we can certainly do that too!

We recently produced indoor covers for Xclusively Jaguar, who wanted their logo on four unique covers which were produced in black Prestige +, with yellow and white race stripes - matching their brand. The full-colour printed logo would allow the covers to be instantly recognisable at the events and shows the team visit up and down the country.

Xclusively Jaguar

This lion crest (below) was another very bespoke design we produced for a customer. Made from 147,000 individual stitches, this impressive, custom embroidered logo took over 5 hours to complete.

Once on the cover, the iconic image added elegance and impact to the black Prestige + indoor cover.  

Embroidered logo

Even if you're not sure that your logo will work on your cover, we'll make suggestions and help find the best possible option to showcase your ideas. Whether that might be inverting a colour, or creating a patch for the logo to sit on, our expert team will always provide the best solutions, ensuring your cover looks impressive and stylish.

Custom Logo   

For a marque logo* on your Prestige + cover, you can simply either call our team on 01943 864 646, or order online and select your required logo option at checkout.

Alternatively, if you would like a custom logo, please contact us to chat through your requirements. Our expert logo-ologists (it's definitely a real word) will then get to work and confirm the best way to create your logo!


* Printed / embroidered logos are only available on selected fabrics in order not to compromise on the quality of the covers. Some brand marques may not be available, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.