At Specialised Covers we are always looking to improve ourselves, systems and products for our customers and the investment in equipment and individuals is a vital part of the growth at Specialised.
Being opening to new technologies, fabrics and sustainable options allows us to stay competitive and forward thinking in the protection space.  
Our most recent investment was a piece of equipment called a Proliner which allows you to create a 3D model from any object by directly inputting the points in the system. This in turn creates a working 3D model of the item which we then use to design and manufacture accurate form fitting covers.
This piece of equipment required both a large financial and time investment, allowing the team to learn through trial and error as to the best way to utilise this new design tool. Having had it for nearly a year now we are using it on ever more complex projects, supporting the design team from traditional cloth methods to a more digital approach and in turn utilising our multiple CNC machines we have on site.
This investment in new technology we hope enables customers to see the scope of what we are able to accomplish and that we welcome the challenging projects no one else can do. Our USP is that we can design, sample and manufacture in our own UK factory unique items, even if the client wants 1 or 1000 we have the capacity and the skill set to support.
Creating this video we wanted to give you a better understanding of the digital patterning process and in turn hope that helps to show you how Specialised covers can support your protection needs, in a multitude of environments.
To discuss how we can help you please email or call our team on 01943 864646 who will be more than happy to help you.