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Elite fabric proving to be a real winner!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our advanced fully tailor fitted outdoor car cover fabric, Elite, Specialised Covers are sorry to have to announce that we will be unable to offer the Elite cover in the colour Black for the next 6 weeks (as from Friday 3rd June 2011).

We do, however, still have the Elite fabric in Grey and are in the process of increasing stock levels of both colours due to the popularity of our top of the range car cover fabric. Although we are not surprised that this particular material has proven itself to be so appealing to consumers, we have been surprised by the volume of sales given that the early summer months are historically a quieter time for outdoor car cover sales given the milder weather, with sales not expected to reach these sorts of levels until mid to late Autumn.

For more information on the features and benefits of this advanced car cover fabric please click the link below.

If you have a query and would like to ask our Sales Team for more information regarding the future availability of the Elite car cover in Black then please call 01943 864 646.