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Essential items for remote caravanning this winter

The joys of caravanning allow thrill-seekers to take their caravan off the beaten track and into some of the most remote parts of Britain. It can be a very exciting experience finding an undiscovered location and it’s a great way to make the most of your caravan. Although the majority of caravans are found on large sites with comfortable, modern facilities, there’s increasing demand for this guerrilla caravanning as gadgets and technologies improve. The gadgets allow for a more comfortable vacation when facilities are lacking.

So next time you’re deterred from taking your caravan to a less conventional destination due to lack of facilities, think again, as here’s a list of essential items and gadgets for wild caravanning this winter.

Larger battery

One of the main issues with smaller caravan parks is the lack of electrical hook-up to supply mains electricity, meaning you’ll have to rely on your caravan’s leisure battery. If this is the case, then it’s certainly worth investing in a larger battery. Caravan batteries range from 60AH to 80AH. Investing in a 110AH Leisure Battery will last longer between charge.

Solar panels

Solar panels are another way of making your battery last even longer and there are plenty of options available. This 12w portable set costs £199.99 and will last 11-hours providing there’s sufficient sunlight throughout the day. There’s a trend catching on with these and even some of the major manufacturers; Swift, Sprite and Sterling now fit solar panels are standard to their caravans.


With winter settling in and the days become shorter charging those solar panels might become difficult to charge, so it might be worth investing in a generator. If you’re thinking of taking your caravan completely off the track then it’s the perfect solution, although prices start at around £350 you’ll never be short of power…well not until you’ve ran out of diesel or petrol!


Once you’ve addressed the issue of power, it might be worth looking at an Aquaroll. They’re a great way of extending the site of your water tank’s capacity from 30 litres to 70 litres. This 40 litre version is £49.99.