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Specialised are pleased to announce that we have now obtained all the patterns for the new Eterniti range of caravans.  Our pattern designers visited the showroom in Cheshire a few weeks ago and were very impressed with what they saw.  We were delighted to view all the caravans in the range as enquires for both full covers and towing covers have been substantial since there launch. The full storage covers are all available and start from £329 for the Eterniti Genesis and Chronicle range.  The towing cover however are still a work in progress as many on the first Caravans off the production line did not have an awning channel on either side.  We have been told by Eterniti that this is not going to be the norm and most caravans will have them in the near future.  However until we can get our hands on one we might have to hold off on the Tow Pro range of covers.  We will keep you updated as to how we are getting on and when the situation changes.  If you are interested in ordering a towing cover please call our sales team who will have up to date information on how we are proceeding and please check your Eterniti caravan to see if you have two awning channels. For more information on Eterniti caravans please Click here and for the Tow Pro Range Click here