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Eterniti Tow Pro now here

After Eternitis emergence onto the market in Oct 2012 they have become one of the market leaders offering their customers a caravan and service that their competition can only aspire too.
Eterniti's vision Every discerning customer should own the caravan of their dreams, that's why here at Eterniti we listen to every comment made. Whether it's a colour and style of the soft furnishings or the height of the double bed, we aim to produce caravans of the highest standard that match and fulfil the needs and requirements of today's modern caravanner.
We loved the styling of the new Genesis and Chronicle which include the combination of great functionality and fashion.  There is no reason why caravans have to stay within the confines of a white box on wheels and I feel Eternitit are the first manufacture to produce something outside that box.  We were therefore thrilled when customers started coming to us for both the Storage Covers and the Tow Pros.   The storage covers were no problem at all and we collected the pattern immediately for all the models.  We did have an initial set back with the Tow Pro's as the first production run of caravans didn't have two awning channels.  This was soon to change as it became standard on all the models, so as soon as the first models were constructed Douglas and Polia headed over to the showroom in Cheshire for the pattern. From the images you can see how we first construct a fabric pattern in the same way a tailor would make a suit, this is then made into a prototype which is re fitted to make ammeds and alterations.  The third stage is to add the addition styling, manufacture a sample cover and take it for fitting and testing.  This as you can image is a long process but we pride ourselves on our attention to detail,fit and quality. Our Full Tow Pro and Storage covers are now available for all the Eterniti range click here to view more details. By Katie Fishwick