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F1 'Cover'age From Jerez

This week saw the first pre-season test before the 2012 Formula 1 season. Although testing times are known to be unreliable and in fact give little indication to in-season form, it does give the teams a chance to iron out problems and tweak the cars before the season kicks off.

Specialised Covers flew out to Jerez to tailor FIA approved Parc Ferme covers for most of the cars on the grid. These specially designed mesh covers must adorn the cars for FIA inspection within three and a half hours of a qualifying session. Unlike a standard cover, the mesh fabric allows big name sponsors to remain visible!

Although Specialised tailored covers for many of the big names last year, more teams began requesting covers for the 2012 season! The winter test seemed like the ideal opportunity to work on multiple cars…oh, and go to Spain!