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FAST TRACK - Customer Ordering Service

After listening to our customers and hearing from the majority of our manufacturing staff their desire to work additional hours, we are now introducing our Fast Track customer ordering service.

Watch the following video which showcases how the service works and explains some of the benefits to both our staff and also to you, the consumer.

Every customer and their requirements are different so Fast Track comes in 2 options. Fast Track 50 and Fast Track 25.

Fast Track 25

Choosing this option guarantees production and delivery of your cover within 2 weeks from the time of placing the order for an additional £25.

Fast Track 50

For those needing their cover in a hurry, we’ll be able to have the cover with you within 1 week. This premium option is available for an additional £50.

Standard Delivery

Opting for our Standard Delivery means that sometimes, despite our best efforts, during our busiest periods production times can extend to as much as 4-5 weeks.

How it works...

By charging an additional fee we are able to offer our skilled workforce the opportunity of working further overtime hours and run additional shifts to earn additional income. Not everyone has time to queue or can wait for their much needed cover. With Fast Track you are guaranteed your cover much sooner, without queue-jumping ahead of someone else as every penny goes into additional shifts for our staff to work extra hours.

How to add Fast Track to your order...

If you’re thinking of ordering a Specialised Cover and would like to add the Fast Track option it’s so simple. If you’re ordering online, when configuring your cover you’ll see a Fast Track option with 3 options. Select either ‘Fast Track 50’ or ‘Fast Track 25’ from the drop down menu and you’re done. The additional fee will automatically be added to your order before you proceed to pay. If you’re ordering by phone, just let our Sales representative know which Fast Track option you’d like adding and they’ll take care of the rest.

Terms & Conditions

If you are ordering your cover from outside of the UK and wish for your cover to be dispatched to another country and have chosen to use our Fast Track ordering service, we will endeavour to have your cover manufactured and delivered to you within the chosen time. However, due to the time it takes our couriers to deliver to international destinations we cannot promise we will meet this obligation due to obvious reasons. If we feel it isn't feasible to get the cover to you within this time, we will contact you and advise you of this. All covers intended for UK mainland delivery shouldn't be affected and we guarantee to fulfil our promise or your Fast Track fee will be refunded in full.