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Ferrari Museum: An architectural phenomenon

It’s no mystery that Ferrari’s are amongst the most beautiful cars ever produced, the iconic flying horse and dazzling red paintwork have become accustom to the Ferrari brand. In 2004, the city of Modena wanted to honor their most famous resident for his part in launching Ferrari and honor him they did - with the construction of the Ferrari Museum.

Czech Jan Kaplicky designed the £14.2m building and after eight years the final result was astonishing; built in two parts, the museum is split between Enzo Ferrari’s family home and adjoined workshop, along with a new build construction enveloping the old structure.

The 3,300 metre roof, despite its’ glowing yellow tone, shares similarities to the air intakes on the 599 and is made up of a vaulted metal spaceframe, providing enough strength to survive a fatal earthquake earlier on in the year. The building has been drenched in glass, the 12-degree angle it sits at adds to jaw-dropping contours Kaplicky effortlessly captured. The huge structured roof and planes of glass opens up the interior, as light cannot help but fight its way in.

You’d expect the masses to flock to this phenomenal building to witness the vast range of vehicles on display, yet you wouldn’t be surprised if it was the construction they were equally as impressed with. Here’s a list of just a few of the many cars on display within the exhibition area:

1949 166 Inter

1954 250 GT Coupe

1966 275 GTV4

1984 GTO

1987 F40

2000 360 Barchetta

2002 Enzo

2011 FF

This forward-thinking building sets itself aside from its’ nearest rivals - BMWMercedes and Porsche, all share a selection of the worlds most famous museums – but they’re all in the wake of this masterpiece. Kaplicky has really captured the essence of Ferrari’s styling and catapulted it, on to a whole new level.