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Ferrari Photo Cover debut @ Siverstone

Douglas and Carole from Specialised Covers, attended the 2012 Ferrari Race day held at Silverstone to take part in the world record attempt to have the largest collection of ferraris on a race track.

The world recorded was broken as 964 Ferraris travelled around the track at Silverstone.  In 2007, Ferrari managed to get 385 models onto Silverstone at a racing day to set a record.  This was beaten the following year when the Ferrari Owners Club in Japan achieved 490 cars at the Fuji Speedway Circuit.

The world recorded attempt also gave specialised the opportunity to show off one of our cover prototypes.  We are currently working on creating Photo Covers and we thought this would be a great opportunity to see how the Ferrari community responded to the idea.  As douglas is the pround owner of a 599 it was the perfect car to work on.   Our inhouse designer photographed the car and after digitising the car pattern he wrapped the flat photography onto the ditigised pattern.  This is then sent to the printers where a one of print of the car is created onto our fabric.  This is then sewn together to create the cover.  This is a very time consuming process and a huge amount of  work goes into creating each cover as applying flat imagery onto a 3D object is not a simple process.


Photo Cover @ Ferrari Racing Days Event 04


However the end result was worth it.  The Ferrari 599 cover is almost an exact replica and was a huge success at the show.  People could not believe it was a cover on the car and it was only when the wind blew that people could see that it was not just a car.  Douglas spoke to members of the public and even Ferrari representatives and all the comments were positive, with every one saying what a great idea it was.

At present it is still something we are developing and we are still looking into the process and how best to offer it to the public.  We are hoping to licence a range of car images and will be approach the large car marques to get their authorisation.  We hope to be able to have a customer call and either photograph their actual car or at least the same make and model and apply their images onto our indoor covers.  This we hope will be the next step in our covers development,  offering your car the protection it needs but allowing you to see your pride and joy at all times.


Photo Cover @ Ferrari Racing Days Event 05