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A helmet - and cover - fit for a Gentleman!

In August, Steve Jackson, editor of Nacelle, The Triumph Owners Club MCC came to visit us with his fabulous 1972 Triumph Daytona T100R.

Steve came all the way from Cheshire so we could take a pattern of his bike for both Prestige indoor and Stormshield outdoor covers (and also so we could have a natter, a few cups of tea and talk about a hat...).

Our experienced Designers, Jenny and Shannon, patterned Steve's bike in the same way a tailor would pattern a suit. Patterning this way enables us to produce covers that fit to every curve and line of the bike - and take into account any modifications or additional detailing needed.

1972 Triumph Daytone T100R 

Whilst Steve was here, he told us how on the 24th September, he was taking part in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. Founded in Sydney, Australia, the ride involves tens of thousands of distinguished gentlefolk in hundreds of cities worldwide donning their cravats, tweak their moustaches, press their tweed and sitting astride their classic and vintage styled motorcycles to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer research and suicide prevention.

Steve, although ready to be suited and booted, was missing a tweed deerstalker helmet to complete his outfit. Obviously we wanted to help and provide Steve with suitable attire for such a worthwhile charity event!

We jumped to it; sourcing tweed fabric and patterning a deerstalker hat big enough to fit over Steve's bike helmet. The result...a helmet fit for a dapper gentleman! Steve certainly looked the part and the team raised a fantastic £6000 for the worthy cause.

Steve looking rather dapper we must say! 

Perfect fit over Steve's bike helmet. He's ready to ride! 

'Some of the other riders didn't think I was wearing a helmet!' Steve explained, so the deerstalker obviously did the job. Good work team!