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A Legend... Not Jay Kay, the car.

Specialised Covers have tailored one of our Elite car covers for a replica Ford GT40.

Why is Jay Kay stood next to this car? Well because some bloke asked him. Why is this replica of interest to Jay Kay and to us?  Quite simply the Ford GT40 was an epic car.

Between 1960 and 1965 Ferrari had won the Le Mans 24 Hour every year. For those six years Ferrari looked unbeatable but in 1966 the Ford GT40 took first place at Le Mans. It then won for the next three years until 1969. It was the first car at Le Mans to win more than once with the same chassis and since then only one other car has done the same.

Specialised Covers Elite outdoor car covers offer the perfect balance of functionality and form. The Elite fabric is tailored to fit like an indoor car cover but functions like an outdoor, shielding your car from the elements.

We offer a range of Ford car covers. If your car isn’t available online, call us and it can be ordered over the phone or added to our database for you to buy online.

We would like to thank Shmoo Automaotive for allowing us to use their imagery form the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Visit their website by clicking the link to see more information about the GT40.

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