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Get ready for the Bank Holidays!

As we head into a month with TWO Bank Holidays, it's time to plan those long weekends away in the countryside or by the seaside. As summer approaches, it's a good idea to book your caravan sites advance - so you get the site you really want. Whether you're after a few days of total relaxation, somewhere the kids can let off steam, or a dog friendly location, there are sites up and down the UK to suit your requirements. The Caravan Club has some fantastic sites - with something for everyone. Visit their Be Inspired page and find exactly what you're looking for. Trip Advisor is always good for handy information and tips as well, with reviews from other holiday makers. That way, if you're a little unsure, you can see what others think before you make a booking! And, don't forget to look after your caravan whilst on the roads (and dirt tracks!). Our Towing Protectors help protect your caravan from stones and chippings that can fly up and damage your paint work. They also help keep your caravan clean - which saves you a job when you reach your destination! View our towing protectors here, or call us for more information. Happy holidays!