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Graffiti project presentation

Shortly after we ran the graffiti project, which contained a number workshops and gatherings, Specialised Covers hosted a presentation to thank those involved with this exciting project.

You may have seen our post just last week in which youngsters from the Youth Offending Team designed and produced their very own graffiti car cover. Specialised Covers understands the importance of their efforts and wanted to publicly show our appreciation for their hard work, in the form of a presentation. The presentation brought together everyone involved with the event, from the guys involved with the Youth Offending team, to Stretch and Olas Art, with a number of the youngsters even bringing their family along too.

The gathering was a great opportunity to reflect on the project, with the unveiling of the official video. It was great to hear feedback from the youngsters involved, many of whom admitting they’d happily involve themselves with another project.

Check out the photos below from the day ranging from mini workshops that ran on the day, to the presenting of the certificates.