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How a winner was made

At November's Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show, we measured up the winner of the Meguair's Club Showcase - a beautifully restored 1939 MG TB. It was a pleasure to produce a cover for such a wonderful, much loved and looked after classic. Using the most up to date manufacturing techniques, our production facility in Shipley, West Yorkshire houses some of the UK's most experienced tailors, designers and seamstresses. As with all of our tailored covers, the MG's bespoke Prestige+ cover, was meticulously hand made to the shape of the vehicle, using a detailed pattern. The luxurious cotton/mixed fibres fabric was then carefully cut and perfectly stitched. The finishing touch, was the Meguiar's logo, was then printed and placed on the area which would be the bonnet of the car. Every cover may be different but the same amount of care and attention goes into every single one of our products. The finished cover looked fantastic, and we can't wait to see it in action. Photos to follow later this month!